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Broadway Church

Description Broadway church is a Pentecostal denomination church located in the heart of East Vancouver and is devoted to producing devoted followers of Jesus Christ Target audience Broadway church primary target audience is young adults between the age of 19-35 and usually a post-secondary student or working a 9-5 job with an average income of 30.000 to 50.000 but with a manageable lifestyle that still allows them to have time for Church. Competition Broadway Church competes with famous churches in Vancouver or outside of Vancouver weathers its Village Church or Church Untitled that have a big young adults congregation and is more vibrant in the service Design problem Broadway church mainly is targeted to older people who only want old school and are not into the fast-paced songs. But lately, there have been more young adults attending the service, so it's been hard to keep both target audiences happy. Design solution The branding for Broadway church has to have the five core values that represent each walk-in faith. Accomplished by incorporating the five core values but in a different way instead of five circles in the current logo, the new logo has the number five-hidden within the white space around the letter B, and the cross. Moreover, the brochure and all the new components have been designed to attract the eye of the younger target audience and still be able to work with the older target audience with a fresh and straightforward approach.

Raw Photography Magazine

Raw Raw Photography Magazine is an independent publisher of documentary photography and tips and tricks. Established in 2018, we produce personal projects which explore individualistic themes. The companies primary goal is to create a community to help amateurs in there photography with tips and tricks from pros. But Raw has had a slow start to building there community. Therefor Raw needs to create a better solution to get more people in their community. The branding for Raw is using the photography term raw, which means the image quality all natural. It represents the magazine because Raw teaches the amateur and shows how to become a pro. The Raw logo is clean and straightforward to attract the eye of an amateur Photographer. It also uses a photographic background to help it stand out from all the other photography magazines.

Front and Company Lookbook

Front and Company is a clothing store that sells second-hand antique collectibles and elegant vintage clothes that are affordable. They also sell an accessory, which includes hats, bags, footwear and more — goodies for baby, fun gifts and items for the home. Front and Company has gained enough popularity in the Vancouver fashion industry. Pushing their brand further, they want to publish a lookbook for the target audience to showcase their blog and new arrivals in clothing. The look book has to have a clean and straightforward approach and tie in with each blog post to represent the clothes. The look book has to be in sync with the blog post so it can represent the style in clothing and fashion and have a smooth flow and navigation through the lookbook. Telling a story thought the phots.As well the branding has to have the Front feel.