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Capital D'Ivoire

Capital D’Ivoire is a family owned and operated Western African restaurant located in Vancouver, British Columbia. The identity of the project reflects the variety and diversity of the Ivory Coast art and lifestyle. The traditional art in its modern interpretation is used as the main visual theme. The design has three criteria - authenticity, conciseness, and modernity - which are carefully displayed in the project.

The restaurant showcases earth material, Angelique calls it “Earthy Modernism.” It includes clean lines, radiant accents, and organic textures, which create a clear and cozy feeling. The design style is perfect for any dining setting, because of its cleanness and care for appeal.

Luminaire pendant lights and a custom crystal glass panel ceiling soften the dining room’s aesthetic. Yellow and dark cyan texture of the dining room chairs works together to create a cocoon feeling. The restaurant’s name is inspired by the name of the country Cote D’ivoire. Ivoire is ivory in French, so beige and gray colors reflect the calmness and color of an elephant throughout the restaurant.

Eduoard Residence

Welcome to Edouard Residence situated on the banks of the Bow River. This custom-built, two-storey home is nestled in nature and offers panoramic views of the river valley. The primary structure element for this house is concrete, perfectly selected to create a well-balanced and structured home.

The concrete delivers strength and harmony. The coldness of the concrete is complemented by the warm wood features which make the whole design feel modern while also taking advantage of its industrial charm. From the moment you enter the residence, the tone is set for a calm and comfortable environment that showcases featured items in a controlled and uncluttered manner. The spacious living room features exposed brick walls, floor-to-ceiling windows, and luxurious glass stairs leading the way to the upper level.

THE dream home.