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Upland Gas Services: Brand Identity

About Client: :A small, family owned and operated business set to launch next year (2022) offering certified natural gas fitter services such as gas lines, and fireplaces located in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. Goals: When asked about his five-year goal, Jake said he would like to “establish a foothold in the market and become a locally well recognized company.” With that in mind it became important to design a brand that communicates trust and respectability while standing out among the more established companies. A complete Brand package including clothing, website UI, and some signage was a resulting necessity. This would give prospective customers confidence that Upland Gas Services is an established, organized and well-run company. The logo would be a key factor to set the company apart from the competition. It would have strong clean lines with subtle curves similar to the flexible piping line used for gas fitting, accompanied by an icon shape that shares a close resemblance to Stop Signs and the WHIMIS symbols—both associated with order and safety.

The Wandering Moose Cafe: Brand Re-Fresh

About client: A small family owned cafe located in the town of Cumberland on Vancouver Island, inside the historic Post-Office building. Goals: Build an Identity that resonates with the local culture through simple recognizable colours—such as Cumberland Red—and acknowledging the long standing connection the location has to the community. Create a consistency of design choices across all mediums to support better brand recognition by the public, especially within community events.

MODEZ Publication

About Client: A new Canadian publication that focuses on current trends and modern style. This can include interior design, specialty made unique products and feature up and coming companies. Goals: Create an aesthetically pleasing Brand and Publication. One may find a copy on the target’s coffee table, acting as inspiration and a talking point among their guests. This is accomplished through the use of colourful photography using simple shapes and patterns to lead the viewer’s eye and give a sense of balance. Local Canadian content and the ability for the reader to connect on a personal level to the showcased people and businesses is essential. A balance between utilizing the space on the page to its full potential while also keeping some white-space for breathing room was important since design’s core concept is “using the space for only the purpose intended and with only the items you truly need”-Amanda (Interior Designer)

Universal Laser Designs

About Client: Small, home based laser cutting business. Catering to online sales and special orders with a focus on customer service, personalized products and quality. Goals: Improving brand consistency across all used media and to create a user-friendly website that showcases all aspects of the business, facilitates online sales and communication and centralizes all customer information. This would be done while highlighting the uniqueness of the products available through custom design. It is important to have on going feedback from the owner on design direction as there is no flexibility in the budget for changes and to keep the client’s requests and personality in mind.