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Geo Cafe

Right when you step through the doors you’ll be transported into a vibrant atmosphere like no other.The concept being a rubik’s cube the space uses elements inspired by the70’s. Through the space the square shape can distinctively be seen being used in various forms such as the lighting, the furniture selected, and the overall arrangement of the space.The main colours used were yellow, blue and pink as well as some greenery. The furniture has a more modern take blending the past with the future seamlessly.


Throughout the store a distinctive neutral colour palette can be seen, such as the concrete flooring which is used throughout the majority of the store to represent a blank canvas like the human body. The idea of the store was to keep it timeless and still provide individuality and uniqueness.The brand is based on making pieces that are versatile and functional and that is what is reflected throughout the store.The concrete floor contrasts well with the oak wood accents which add warmth to the space and balance the atmosphere.Exploring forms, textures, tone and patterns adds interest to the space without adding many colours. The walls are covered in a beige shade to keep the space feeling warm but are contrasted with the black hardware.The distinctive layout is heavily influenced from the concept of the wind, making the space feel open and airy. The ceiling details are a unique feature which plays with layering and form.