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NBC's World of Dance

Re-Brand for NBC’s World of Dance (WOD) TV Show/Event. We want to inject a fresh and modern approach to WOD. With genres like hip-hop coming out as #1 in sales/streams in 2020 and with the target demographic being early adults. We re-branded with a much more urban, brutalistic approach. As the current identity for WOD trends towards when the dance scene was more lyrically influenced. Using bold typography and colour choices we find a place where digital and urban worlds meet. WOD is changing their identity to fit better in the digital world. With the raise of social media, tons of short form content is viewed exclusively through online channels. To better appeal to a generation surrounded by social media, WOD is taking a new direction to solidify their place in the digital future.


This is a conceptual brand focused around body care for men. A high end brand that focuses on quality natural ingredients to naturally soothe the skin and body. The brand is inspired by nautical themes and travel, these concepts drove the decisions in branding and crafting of the experience Nomad was created to fill a hole in the market for high end luxury body care for men. While many brands exist in the luxury space for men none focus on a natural approach to their products. Also by focusing on globally inspired scents, that fall more in line with the cologne industry, Nomad further positions themselves as a luxury brand and experience.

La Belle Patate

La Belle Patate is a local Quebec style eatery offering classic, authentic poutines and other Quebec favourites such as Montreal smoked meat and steamies (hot dogs). The Vancouver Location has been open since 2009 and it all started with The Greater Victoria location in historic Esquimalt. LBP prides themselves I’m bringing the classics to the west coast in an authentic way. There are tons of Poutine spots in downtown Vancouver but there aren’t any that can truly say they are authentic. Thats where la Belle Patate comes in. Young or old, poutine speaks to every Canadian