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Demo Reel

Proud to present my very first demo reel!

The Hybralien

Humans have been tested on by an alien race for decades. This Hybrid abomination is what came out of DNA splicing with some of our worlds creatures. (refer to DNA sheet) This creature has endoskeleton plating that will push up against the skin when engaged in combat. the plates of bone keep the hybralien well protected while it tears threw squads of men. DO NOT ENGAGE we need more research.

Ichor Demon

Flesh and meat line the floor as Sinew and veins crawl up the walls. it lives down here. Constant raining of bodies as the damned are disposed of. The Ichor Demon feeds on what's left to rot for eternity.

Butcher Bird

Standing at a height of 5ft, the Butcher Bird gets its name from the condition you find its prey in. Mainly a lone hunter, although it will gather a pack to take down larger prey. It attacks by darting past its victim multiple times, making quick and painful lacerations with its bladed arms. The boney blades will constantly grow threw out its whole life span, so it must keep them shortened and sharp by grinding down against rocks or grinding them off the crest under its chin.

Pencil Sketches

I've been drawing since I could hold a crayon. Dinosaurs were always my go to but I'm happy that my skills have improved to be quite versatile.