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Linden Travel Agency Office

The concept of the project took inspiration from the Globe Skimmer Dragonfly (Pantala flavescens). The dragonfly is one of the most adventurous insects on earth and enjoys travelling far and wide. The extensive migratory ranges of this species is the largest of any known insect, travelling 18,000 km. From Easter Island, to India, over the Maldives to east Africa, even reaching heights of 6,200 metres above the Himalayans…there are very few places the dragonfly hasn’t been to. Just like the Globe Skimmer Dragonfly, the travel agency wants it’s clients to travel the earth, creating awareness and reaching new heights for conservation. The structure of dragonfly is the isnspiration behind the material and pattern used.The board room custom construction wood pannels,mimics the pattern found in the dragonfly wing.

Orchid SkinCare Clinic

The concept behind this hospitality porject is Nadi and the project was done for a skin care clinic owned by a professional business woman. Nadi is a Sanskrit word and can be translated as “tube,” “channel” or “flow.” It refers to the network of channels through which energy travels through the body. The word Nadi comes from the Sanskrit root nad meaning “channel”, “stream”, or “flow”. Special breathing techniques are practised to influence the flow of prana within these nadis. There is good flow in the floor plan and layout of space.This flow of energy is the main isnpiration behind the layout of floor plan and choose of furniture and specially decorative elements ven in small scale or large items.

Arcteryx Retail Store

The inspiration behind the concept of the project (a walk in the woods) is from the “The road less travelled” “poem by Robert Frost. Taking the road less travelled does not sound like the common choice taken by most people but it sounds like an interesting and exciting decision. There are those, who believe that a person only lives once and it is wise to make the best of the time given to you and they create memories that are unique and special. These unique moments are memories that are created by experiencing new feelings, new experiences and being in nature, that will be treasured forever. The main idea behind the Arcteryx store design (a commercial project) is to bring the feeling of walking in the woods to the customer. The customer will experience being in the forest and surrounded by mountains with the design features. The design features are custom designed suspended wooden panels and the columns are covered by cladding which symbolizes the look and feel of the bark of the Maple tree. The custom designed compass wall feature is made out of copper and is fastened to a world map which is made out of black and white marble. Natural wood is also used throughout the store in various parts of the store to represent natural element found around mountains.

Lily of the Valley Restaurant

The Lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis) is a native throughout the cool temperature in the Northern Hemisphere in Asia and Europe. As the Lily of the valley usually flowers in May, it is also called the May lily which means “return to happiness”. This sweet scented flower symbolizes chastity, purity, happiness, luck and respect, and is used in a variety of ceremonies, world celebrations, perfumes and gardens. This flower is the concept behind the restaurant design, and is visually represented in chandeliers, wall papers and the booth design. The choices of materials, fixture and furniture are influenced by the symbolism of the Lily of the valley (continuity, purity, sensitivity, and harmony).

Dinner with Nature

The concept for the residential barn project is “ Dinner with nature”. This concept is echoed through the space planning for this project and the layout of the three barns provides the residents with access to nature, beautiful ocean and mountain views and landscaped areas. The dining areas located in the three barns (East, South and West building), are strategically placed to have a view of the outside of the building. The choice of materials and colours are influenced by the warm touch of the sun on the trees, plants, soil, and water.