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Identity | Jack Walton

Jack Walton is an IT professional that complements his full-time job with freelancing work. Jack needs a new identity to attract customers who are looking for IT-based solutions tailored to their needs. Also, Jack is committed to his day job, and this must reflect within the new branding.

Environmental Design | Projection Mapping

This concept is about harnessing the capabilities of projection mapping to relay useful information to the user. The almost limitless options make this project worth researching into it.

Branding | Thai Kitchen

Thai Kitchen restaurant is changing its operations, with a market more conscious of how they spend their money, the user expects an experience while dining. The new identity is designed to attract this new audience with a cohesive brand and a spectacular dining experience.

Layout | Mexican Table

Mexican Table: fiesta dinner edition, is a book that took me a lifetime of experience to put together. Endless hours at restaurants kitchens, taking thousands of photos to develop a keen eye for composition and acquiring graphic designer abilities, at this point in time, this book represents the sum of all these skills.

Typeface | Summer Day

Summer day is a project that I took on my own. Hands-on is a wonderful way to learn new skills and with a wealth of online instruction, one can learn anything that we put our mind.