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Breeze Eco Tiny Home

Designed to be an escape from the stressful city life this Tiny home was inspired by the sea breeze. The fresh summer morning air, that flows through the spaces bringing some thermal comfort from the sometimes excruciating heat. The beautiful ocean blues are present in the minimal details mixed with whites and natural fibers resembling the 7 seas and it’s calming, relaxing and delicate palette. Specific materials were chosen prioritizing local suppliers. One of the most outstanding features in this house is the major glass doors and windows placed strategically to bring nature inside. From every angle you will be able to have a privileged view, but always using the most energy efficient methods according to the Passive House standards. The 7 petals sustainable principles were taken into consideration as well in this design to make it as efficient as possible in all it’s aspects. Place, water, energy, health and happiness, materials, equity and beauty come together in this project allowing the owners to enjoy a small yet comfortable, luxurious, beautiful and eco friendly home. Every single detail was well thought in order to reduce the house’s ecological footprint. It is highly important that this house functions in a way to cause as minimal impact in the environment as possible. The goal is to preserve today for the future generations and live in harmony with the surroundings and all the involved agents in the process of building a house.

Roberto Cavalli Store

This project is a hypothetical store proposition for the Roberto Cavalli brand. It’s design shows sinuous organic shapes thought to resemble the movement of a snake. Right at the entrance a hanging sculpture welcome visitors to explore this intriguing space. See through metal mesh walls divide rooms for the clothing displays. As a main feature there’s a crystal helix staircase that leads us to the mezzanine and a lounge sunken area right in the middle of the store is the perfect area to accommodate those who wait. This is an eclectic interior that mixes textures and patterns to catch the eye of costumers in a compelling way.

Pluvia Mediterranean Restaurant

The Pluvia restaurant was inspired by the Vancouver rain. Special lighting fixtures were designed to showcase the clouds in a mix of wood and fabric baffles. This modern interior portrays a calm, relaxing and intense ambiance for those who will be dining here. A central bar with rain like pendant lighting gives a more dramatic feel to this inviting atmosphere.