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Fashion Styling Photoshoot

I took it as an inspiration all the bbqs parties and patios to styled a model with 3 looks. My color inspiration was orange because I think it looked great at my models skin tone and it conveys a lot of positivity and is fun. I added denim and black leather skirt which is basic and essential to have in your closet.

Technical Flats

My technical flats are inspired by the clothes that I would wear on summer vacations. Each style is created around my personal style and body shape. The inspirational image that you see next to flats is to give you an idea of what the look would look like I used summer appropriate fabrics like, cottons, linen and silks in neutral tones to create like a minimalistic look

Fashion Forecasting

The third project im going to present is a fashion forecasting for next coming season. We all know that Fashion is constantly changing so it is essential to know what comes next? Fashion shows are the key to understanding what will be in trend in the coming seasons Fall/Winter 2021 2022. After watching the fall and winter catwalks, I chose 3 of my favourite trends that I think are essentials.