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Prosper Gin

Prosper Gin brings clients different flavoured gins ranging from berry to lavender. The koi fish are the ‘mascots’ of the brand as koi are seen to be prosperous and bring luck. The brands logo uses rather simplistic typography making the main focus the koi fish.

Golden Daycare

A dog service which act both as a daycare and grooming/pampering spa. Golden Daycare provides the necessities a dog needs when the busy owner doesn’t have much time to give. We make sure all the food provided by our daycare is organic and the packaged goods come in compostable packaging.

Sushi Q

A rebrand of a popular sushi spot near two middle schools located in Burnaby. This place is known to be the spot where students either go for lunch, or more commonly after school to fill themselves up while enjoying a nice hangout with friends.

Molokai Seltzer

A hard seltzer infused with flavours from some of the most popular fruits in Hawaii. It’s the perfect beverage to share amongst friends and family when you looking for light beverage with a little kick.

TVAC Cleaning

Branding for a new cleaning company. The logo was created using some reference pictures the client provided. Elements from each picture were incorporated to create one logo. The logo utilizes a blue and white colour scheme to implement cleanliness.

Champagne Haircare

Haircare line that provides clients with products which restore and maintain bleached hair. It can get difficult looking for products to keep your hair champagne gold and healthy at times.