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The concept for NEOn was focused around neon illumination and its futuristic, creative design. NEOn is spelt as such to represent the idea for this restaurant: to create something new. “Neo” means new, hence the capitalization, and altogether the name represents what the whole concept is about. NEOn is an edgy, modern fusion of East and West. Drawing inspiration from Dotonbori’s neon light district in the heart of Osaka, NEOn combines traditional Japanese elements (such as Katsushika Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa and the cherry blossom) with downtown Toronto. Together, they represent the fun, sophisticated energy of both districts through neon signage and art. The design offers a modern industrial vibe with vibrant colours, exposed brick and minimalist design choices. NEOn delivers what its name promises: a new, hip space for Toronto’s fast paced nightlife.

Off The Grid

This tiny home was designed to showcase the charm of a quiet island retreat. This home coexists with nature, it is completely off the grid, and tucked away in the trees. Boasting traditional, craftsman style details and large outdoor spaces, this tiny home takes advantage of the surrounding lake views and encourages both indoor and outdoor living. This home allows for a lifestyle committed to healthful simplicity. With sustainability and wellness being the main focus, this tiny home utilizes eco-friendly methods that rely solely on renewable forms of energy. Ensuring that everything operates in a safe, pollution-free manner, while still providing comfort and being fully functional is of the utmost importance. The home may look simple, but it is complete with luxurious amenities. To compliment a natural lifestyle, locally sourced lumber and natural building materials were at the heart of this project. The layout was designed as an open plan. Easily convertible, multi-use spaces helped to make this space work. Large operable windows and bright material choices create a light and airy space that ultimately makes this small home feel big.