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Published: Monday, 16 November 2020

Published: Monday, 16 November 2020

At VCAD, we take environmental sustainability seriously, so in 2020, we decided to go green. What does going green mean for a visual arts college? We took specific measures to ensure that we can promote sustainability at our college. It's been a developing journey, and we're happy to share with you some of the ways we went green. Encompassed under the title "VCAD Go Green," each action brings us closer to our goals of being eco-friendly.

Changes to the Campus

At the onset of 2020, we replaced all our paper photocopy machines with a new system to help people be more conscious of their printing needs. In February alone, from the reduction in our printing, we saved nearly two trees from being cut down and made into paper.

Sustainability is achieved through minute changes in daily life. Our Vancouver campus also changed traditional rubbish bins in many classrooms, and we opted for more recycling bins and compost bins. If something doesn't fit either category, then it will go in the communal garbage bin. This way, when someone is on campus and needs to throw something out, they need to consider if the items they are disposing of really do need to go into the garbage can or if they are recyclable or compostable.

Many organizations around the world have taken measures to reduce their carbon footprint. For VCAD, that starts in our furniture. Halfway through 2020, we prevented tables, fabric, and other items from becoming land waste. We continue to thank RYU for their generous donation and the support for our sustainability efforts.

Changes to How We Teach

We've involved the community in our teaching to help engage the minds of our students so that they can be advocates for sustainability and be impactful to the organizations that they will work at when they graduate.

We invited graphic design and interior design speakers, who have participated in or worked on green initiatives in their industry, to our campus classrooms (pre-COVID) and virtual classrooms.

Finally, we've incorporated more emphasis on environmental design in our Graphic Design courses so that our students think about creative ways they can help the industry be green.

How You Can Get Involved

In spring, we ran a poster contest for the students to put their creativity to work. They designed posters to put around campus to help promote our VCAD Go Green initiative. The goal was to remind our students, staff, and visitors to be mindful of their resources and encourage everyone to consume less paper and plastic.

If 2020 is a year that proves that climate change is happening, it might convince you to take action. You can get involved with us and join our continuing VCAD sustainability committee headed by our Visual Arts Program Head, Trevor, and Student Services Coordinator, Pansy. Contact the Vancouver campus today if you're ready to join us on our VCAD Go Green initiative!

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