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Published: Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Published: Tuesday, 28 April 2015

An education in interior design holds endless possibilities. From houses to offices and retail stores to airports, students enrolled in the Visual College of Art and Design’s (VCAD) Interior Design can lead to a wealth of opportunities before you even leave the classroom.

Last month, students from VCAD’s Interior Design program participated in a contest where they were challenged to redesign the foyer (and reception/lobby area) of a local university.

As part of VCAD’s Interior Design program, students learn how to enhance and design spaces from residential to commercial to industrial buildings. Using concepts such as colour theory, space planning, lighting techniques, drafting programs, and other skills, students will maximize existing interior architectural and construction elements to bring both beauty and function into everyday life.

Students assembled groups in class and began to conceptualize a theme for the space, how it would tie into the university’s vision, and how it would emanate throughout the foyer, meeting rooms, waiting areas, and other parts of the school. From budget to samples, materials to furniture, and fabrics to paint, students produced detailed, professional proposals and presented them to their clients.

Successful interior designers are capable of transforming a space into a visually captivating yet functional one that simultaneously reflects the client’s needs and purposes. Congratulations to winners Maya Gorczyca and Kelly O’Quinn who delivered an inviting, modern, and fresh design.

For more information on VCAD’s Interior Design program or how you can get started, visit our program page or fill out a form here.

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