VCAD’s First-Ever Virtual Graduation Exhibition:


Published: Monday, 13 July 2020

Published: Monday, 13 July 2020

On June 24, 2020, we ran our premier virtual Graduation Exhibition for our spring and summer #VCADgrads in Fashion Design, Interior Design, 3D Modeling Animation Art & Design, Game Development & Design, and Graphic Design. With over 187 attendees, our first virtual event was quite a success! Time and again, our grads have proved that they are ready to face new challenges – such as showcasing their final portfolio work on a virtual platform for the first time – and deliver remarkable results.

After researching a series of web platforms, and choosing the best one, we were finally ready to test out our chosen web application. Through numerous practice runs, we were able to deliver an engaging and interactive experience for our students and their guests. Not only were the students patient and understanding in regards to this new virtual platform, but some of them even suggested other applications that could further enhance the overall experience.

During the event, our grads from each program shared their hopes and aspirations with our online audience. Here were a few of the moments we captured during the show:

“I’m looking forward to starting in the gaming industry,” says Sean, Game Development & Design graduate. “I’ve put two years of my life into this portfolio. I love everything in my portfolio, and it’s the best I’ve done.”

Yamina, Fashion Design graduate, tells us that before this program, she didn’t know how to draw. “Now I know how to draw,” Yamina continues. “We did a lot, so everything that made it to my portfolio website is my favourite.”

From our Interior Design program, Destany speaks to her love of taking on new challenges. “I moved to Vancouver two years ago to pursue my interior design career. Over time, it has grown to be a passion of mine. I find that space planning is my favourite part.”

Veronica, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Photography and Related Media from Purdue, shares with us the reason she decided to attend VCAD for Graphic Design. “I’ve decided, recently, to add Graphic Design training to my skillset to make more motion-oriented graphic content, adding to my videography skills.”

Despite having to cancel in-person portfolio exhibitions this year due to COVID-19, we are thrilled and extremely fortunate to be able to give our graduates a platform to showcase their final portfolio work, which they have dedicated several months of hard work.

To see more of our talented graduates’ work, visit our portfolio page.

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