Top 3 Ways to Get Inspiration for Your Next Art


Published: Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Published: Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Creative professionals thrive on the feeling of fresh inspiration that fuels the production of art. Unfortunately, waiting around for a boost of inspiration is not the most productive method, especially if you have deadlines to meet and projects to deliver.

Have you ever experienced a creative block, where you just cannot seem to come up with fresh inspiration or ideas for the next big project? Don’t worry, your creative potential has not reached its limit yet! Periods of low artistic inspiration are common for every creative. Here are a few ways to counter this feeling and get inspiration for your next art project:


Revisit Your Favourite Artists

Remember the first time you came across your favourite artist’s work? Or the first time an art piece inspired you to pursue a creative field yourself? It might just be the perfect time to revisit those days and have a look at the artwork of those artists again. These walks along the memory lane can be a great way to spark your motivation and get you back into the flow.

Reading or watching interviews of artists you admire and looking at artist portfolios are also great ways to reignite your passion and creativity.


Network with Fellow Creatives

It is a common perception that artists are introverted people locked in their studios, working away in isolation. If you are one of these artists and are struggling with a lack of motivation, it is probably time to get out of the solitude.

Meeting other like-minded artists and feasting your eyes on gallery openings, art talks, and conventions can be a great way to rejuvenate your senses and stimulate the creative mind.

The pandemic has brought about a change in the way people network. If you don’t fancy going out, meeting other artists online is also an option. Join online meet-and-greets, go through artist blogs or social media, and sign up for creative newsletters.


Change Your Environment - Take a Walk

Sometimes, getting away from work is the best way to get back on track. Studies point at the benefits of a nature stroll to boost creativity. A change in scenery can jumpstart your brain and provide an inflow of fresh ideas. Don’t fancy a full-fledged hike? No problem! A walk in the park or your local gym’s treadmill can be beneficial too. So the next time you feel stuck, slip into your shoes and head out!

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