The 9 Best Work from Home Jobs for


Published: Thursday, 04 November 2021

Published: Thursday, 04 November 2021

The 9 Best Work from Home Jobs for Creatives

Since the start of the pandemic, a massive shift has occurred in office culture and how people work. Physical distancing has shifted the daily commute from an hour on the road, to a scant few steps from bedroom to laptop. The concept of working from home is nothing new. Freelancers and artists are accustomed to the home office or studio, but for everyone else, remote or hybrid work is just starting to feel normal.

Certainly not all jobs can be done from home. Bartenders, retail clerks, and many studio workers are still required to be physically present, and some businesses prefer workers to attend meetings and be available for in-person collaboration. But, what if you are a freelancer, or you’re looking for a position that can be done from anywhere? What kind of options are available for the creative set?

Here are some of our favourites:



If you’ve got a talent for illustration, there is a great deal of potential across a number of industries. Advertising agencies, book and magazine publishers, and news publications all have need for illustrators. You can work for a single employer, but don’t be afraid to be your own boss and take on the freelance market. It can be competitive, but it can also be quite lucrative. What’s more, you can work from the comfort of your own studio or sofa.


Graphic Designer

This is one of the more obvious ones, and probably one of the original work-from-home jobs for creatives. There is a never-ending supply of people looking for talented graphic designers. From people looking to get customized wedding invites, to businesses looking for a fresh design approach, there are a lot of freelance opportunities. Keep an eye out for agencies and companies looking to fill in-house positions as well.


Apparel Designer/Patternmaker

Fashion isn’t always the easiest industry. Tight deadlines and stiff competition mean many designers and patternmakers are constantly putting their life’s blood into their craft. However, whether you’re looking to work for an established brand or start your own, much of the work can be done from your personal studio or workshop. There is something comforting about working in your own space.



Interior Designer

So technically a lot of interior design work requires you to be away from home. You have to get to know the space you’re decorating after all. But, a lot of the work can also be done planning from home using 3D modeling software and CAD suites. As new businesses open, older businesses look to redesign their spaces, and others look to make their space work better for remote jobs, there are opportunities for work in this field.


Fashion Marketer

The business of fashion is truly global these days, and many brands and fashion houses are looking for marketing talent wherever they can find it. On a local level, independent designers may be in need of some marketing finesse to establish their brand. Additionally, working with a new designer could mean a great and long-lasting relationship for an energetic specialist in fashion marketing.


Architectural Technician/CAD Modeler

It can be expensive to live in a big city, but it doesn’t mean you can’t design for it. Working for an architect, having your own practice, or being a CAD modeler has the potential for a lot of remote work. Nothing can be more inspiring to a designer than living on an island, or on a mountain. All you really need is electricity and a good connection to the internet.


Junior VFX Artist

With the rise of streaming services, content is being produced in greater quantities than ever before, and that means there is a lot of work for VFX artists.  More studios are contracting work out to remote artists, and it’s a great opportunity to get your talents recognized on the big screen! As a bonus, the pandemic has seen independent artists working through their own projects, and it’s a great time to find a partner looking to add some finishing touches to their work.


Junior Game Designer/3D Character Artist

Everyone loves games these days. It’s one of the biggest sectors of the entertainment industry. It’s also one that allows for a great deal of independence. Not only is there the chance to work from home for a larger developer, many designers find success independently. All the major platforms – PC, console and mobile –have programs designed to showcase indie talent and sell their wares. Whatever you choose, this could be one of the most lucrative roles you can do from home.


3D Texture Artist

One of the most overlooked roles for creatives is also one of the best. Textures artists are in high demand from film studios, game developers, broadcasters, and architecture studios alike. While it seems routine, stock textures can be sold multiple times, to multiple buyers. Much like stock photography it can not only provide a solid income stream, but a passive one as well. At the end of the day you get to be your own boss, and you never know where you’ll see your work next. 


Where Can You Find Jobs?

For creative types, this is just the tip of the iceberg for jobs that can be done from home. In-house positions are often advertised on the big job boards like Indeed or LinkedIn, but there other helpful sites to check out for anyone wanting to be a freelancer. Some of the best include Fiverr, Freelancer, Rev, and UpWork, so get in there and check them out. They all have constant streams of work, there’s always something to do, and VCAD has the programs you need to make the first step on any of these careers.



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