TÉLIO Scholarship Awarded to VCAD Fashion Design Student


31, 2020
TÉLIO Scholarship Awarded to VCAD Fashion Design Student

For the first time ever, VCAD’s latest recipient of the TÉLIO scholarship was awarded after only three months of study.

Triptych, a first-year Fashion Design student, was “in shock” when he heard the news of his $1,000 cash prize last month.

“I wasn’t expecting this award at all, I just started,” says Triptych. “[The scholarship] is a reminder that I’m on the right path towards my goal. It makes me want to succeed and push myself even more.”

TÉLIO supports emerging talent, as an integral part of their philosophy, to prepare young fashion designers for the realities of the industry. Learn more about TÉLIO’s history here.

When asked how Triptych wants to use his scholarship funds, he said he wants to put it towards his final collection and end his fashion design training with a “bang”.

“The funding will allow me to have the right materials to express myself creatively,” says Triptych. “I’ll probably purchase a lot of leather – that stuff is expensive!”

Triptych is one of VCAD’s most passionate students. He seeks inspiration from avant-garde style and envisions fashion as an art form. Prior to studying at VCAD, he was an oil painter and has shown at art shows. Before he graduates from VCAD, Triptych aspires to show at Vancouver Fashion Week. Learn more about Triptych and his design philosophy here.