Observing Truth and

Reconciliation Day 2023

Published: Monday, 25 September 2023

Published: Monday, 25 September 2023

September 30 holds profound significance in Canada, marking the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. This day is a powerful reminder of the painful history of Indigenous peoples in Canada and the urgent need for truth, reconciliation, and healing.


One of the fundamental pillars of reconciliation is the acknowledgment of the past. The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation provides a dedicated space for Canadians to confront the uncomfortable truths about the treatment of Indigenous peoples and to reflect on the collective responsibility of the nation.



How Can I Find Out More About The Significance of National Truth and Reconciliation?


You can watch these awareness educational videos to find out more about the day, its history and its significance:



Student Highlight – Dominique Bujold


At VCAD, we take immense pride in our students, especially those with Indigenous roots. In commemoration of this significant day, we are thrilled to highlight the exceptional portfolio of Dominique Bujold, an Interior Design graduate from our Calgary campus. Dominique's portfolio is a testament to her talent and dedication, showcasing her remarkable skills and creativity. Click here to explore her outstanding work!.


Empowering Indigenous Students:


We are proud to have been a part of Indspire's efforts and vision to enrich Canada through Indigenous education.


Indspire is a national Indigenous registered charity that invests in the education of First Nations, Inuit and Métis people for the long-term benefit of these individuals, their families and communities, and Canada.


Visit the Indspire website to learn how to support Indigenous businesses and be part of this journey towards reconciliation.


As we commemorate National Truth and Reconciliation Day, let us reflect on the significance of this day, learn from its history, and actively engage in the ongoing process of reconciliation. Together, we can create a more inclusive, empathetic, and united Canada.

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