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Published: Tuesday, 01 October 2019

Published: Tuesday, 01 October 2019

You’ve just entered the real estate market with your first home purchase – congratulations! However, now you’re stuck with this rundown, 1970s design with pink tiles, luscious carpets, and dark wooden cabinets – are you going to sell again?

What if you knew about the latest trends in furniture, lighting, and how to choose colours to influence mood? What if you could turn your new purchase into your “dream home”?

These are great questions. The answer is simple: with professional interior design training, not only will you be able to redesign your own home, but you can provide helpful tips to friends and family on best practices for their own homes. You could work as an independent contractor. You could even start a business and lead a team of design assistants and furniture designers.

Imagine looking at a space and visualizing how you could make it better. Your keen eye for interior style would be an asset for any personal or professional redesign project. Think of the money you would save on not needing to hire an interior designer for your new home (or future home) purchase.   

Ready to make that career change now? Apply to VCAD’s Interior Design diploma program. With skilled training and industry-experienced instructors, you’ll learn everything from how to use natural light and mirrors to create open space, to which wood stains, custom cabinetry, and throw pillows to choose.

We saved the best news for last: start in VCAD’s Interior Design program before October 31st and receive a $5,000 scholarship* towards your tuition.

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