Creative Activities You Can Do in Isolation


06, 2020
Creative Activities You Can Do in Isolation

There’s only so much Netflix you can watch before your mind requires some stimulation –especially a creative mind, like yours. We’ve come up with some inventive ideas to keep your creative mind active and engaged while in isolation.

Nature-Photo Walks

Do you enjoy going for walks outside? What about taking the occasional, artsy photo? Now is the perfect time to pull out your DSLR and snap pictures of cherry blossoms, flowers blooming, greenery and trails, cloud formations, and much more. Let your creative eye lead you on your nature walk and see what you can discover from behind the lens. It may help you to see your neighbourhood through a completely different viewpoint.

Paint Nights

Why go to a paint night when you can host your own? Use this time at home to set up your art easel and a selection of water colours, acrylics or oil paints, and paint the view from your backyard or balcony. When that grows tiresome, you can always try to replicate inanimate objects within your household or find pictures of scenery and landscapes on the web. Paint yourself a masterpiece, or just paint your feelings on paper (or canvas!)

Make Music

Maybe it’s the guitar in the corner of your room, the dust-covered piano in the front room, or the turntables and sound system in the garage, but here is a great opportunity to test out your musical abilities. Try some new chords, spin some new songs, or write heartfelt lyrics. You won’t realize the hours that pass once you get into your creative groove.

Design Handmade Cards

Growing up, didn’t you love receiving handmade cards? Now, with all this time on your hands, what a perfect opportunity to prepare cards for your family, friends, and loved ones. Create custom cards in advance for birthdays, weddings, holidays, anniversaries, and more. Whether its glue and construction paper, InDesign templates, or hand-written typography, your friends and loved ones will truly enjoy the effort behind these creations. Plus, it saves you a trip to the store and you can mail the cards directly when you’re done!