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Amazing #VCADgrad Portfolios and First Graduates: VCAD Graduate Exhibition Fall 2020


06, 2020
Amazing #VCADgrad Portfolios and First Graduates: VCAD Graduate Exhibition Fall 2020

Our recent Virtual VCAD Graduate Exhibition Fall 2020 saw almost 350 attendees ranging from industry professionals, employers, friends and family, alumni, and our presenting graduates. It was exciting to witness our online event gain much more traction. As VCAD continues to grow, we continue to have more developments within our community that are noteworthy to recall. September 23, 2020, was a day of many firsts for us.

As always, there are too many outstanding graduates to highlight. However, we'll list the best of show winners here for you to look through their artwork:


Gatlin Fitzgerald – Game Development and Design

Hanna Snape – 3D Modeling Animation Art and Design

Madison Pragnell – Fashion Design

Jenna Shin – Architecture Design & Technology

Marcel Kaczynski – Graphic Design

Aoshuang Xiao – Interior Design


Amelework Shibesh – Marketing and Merchandising for Fashion

Chris Pho – Graphic Design

First Calgary Graduates

Since we first opened our doors in Calgary in May 2019, we've been anticipating this moment for our students. We are so proud to announce that we had six graduates successfully complete their studies with us in Calgary. You can view their portfolios here:

Amelework Shibesh

Kitty Mead

Chris Pho

Austin Senos

Tamra Schnyder

Maggie Zhang

Employer Partnership

We're pleased to share that several of our grads landed contracts and jobs as a direct result of this event! Most importantly, the partnership and involvement of industry professionals and employers we invited were extremely encouraging of our students. Not only did they ask insightful questions, but they also provided feedback for our grads that will help them along their journey in becoming successful artists.

To quote one piece of feedback we received from an employer for some of our media arts students:

"I was amazed by the quality and diversity of the students' projects. Most of all, I just had a great time seeing all the creativity they brought to the table." Daniel N.

First Architecture Design & Technology Graduates

We're also proud to announce that we had our first two graduates from our Architecture Design & Technology program from our Vancouver campus. Both Jenna and Regie delivered outstanding performances that showcased their knowledge and expertise. Follow us on social media to see more highlights from these grads!


We want to mention several special guests, including:

  • Rawry and Pohly: local Calgary artists who recently unveiled a sculpture for the Calgary Artwalk and currently showcasing their exhibition at VCAD Calgary’s Gallery.
  • Corie, Associate Director of Education, who showed up despite being on maternity leave!

This season, we saw various students – from all walks of life – graduate and embark on their new journey in the world of art and design. We felt so touched that each of them demonstrated courage, compassion, and care for each other. It was incredibly heartwarming to see our alumni come together and support their peers.

As we continue with these virtual graduate showcases, we hope to deliver even better experiences for all those who attend. Stay tuned for our next one in January!