4 Tips to Prepare for Your Next


Published: Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Published: Tuesday, 26 October 2021

1. Be Well-Rested

Nothing says “calm demeanor” more than getting seven to eight hours of restful sleep. Not only will you wake up feeling refreshed, you won’t feel self-conscious about (potential) dark circles under your eyes and you won’t (need) that third cup of coffee. Being well-rested is the best solution to start your day off on the right foot and ensure you walk into your interview with confidence.


2. Plan Your Outfit

Do you rememberwhen you were a child and your parent or guardian asked you to lay out your clothes the night before, so you weren’t rushing in the morning to get ready? The same logic applies here: planning your outfit in advance will allow you to limit your stress (and not feel rushed) on the day of your interview. By ensuring you have your perfect ensemble the night before, you can avoid searching for the matching blazer to your pencil skirt or tie to your pocket square in the moments before you head out the door.

With the time you saved planning your outfit the night before, you can grab a coffee or review your practice answers, so you’re even more prepared for the interview (see tip #4).


3. Do Your Research

According to Forbes, one of the most common complaints hiring managers make is that their interviewees don’t do any preliminary research about the company/organization. Simple steps, such as reviewing the company’s website, key messages, mission statement and values can set you much farther ahead than your competition.

One of the most common interview questions usually includes “tell us what you know about our company/organization” or “tell us what interested you in this position at our company/organization”. If you can’t factually state what it is about the company/organization that aligns with your own personal values, chances are they won’t see you as the “right fit." See tip #4 to read more about common interview questions.


4. Practice Your Answers

In your research, make sure you look up some of the most common interview questions. These often include questions about yourself, your interests in the position, or your previous experience facing certain situations. If you have a rough idea on how you will respond during the interview, it leaves less room for uncertainty and unwanted pauses during the question/answer portion. Plus, you’ll seem prepared, calm, and collected.

Not only should you prepare for the common interview questions, but also challenge yourself with some of the less conventional questions such as “how would you describe yourself in three words?” or “if you could have any super power, what would it be?” Knowing how and when to answer these types of questions will set you apart from other applicants and ensure the employer keeps you top of mind when it comes time to hire someone for the role.

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