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Published: Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Published: Tuesday, 15 September 2020

We’re getting ready for back to school this fall! We’re more than excited to have you back, but we also want to make it known that things will look a little different this year. Check it out below!

New Protocols in Place

Due to COVID-19, heading back to campus will look a lot different this year. Not only will there be hand sanitizer stations in common areas, but there will also be physical distancing measures in place and limits on how many people can be in a specific areas or spaces. It is also encouraged to bring and wear your own reusable masks where physical distancing cannot be maintained.

Online & On-Campus Instruction

With the pandemic, there has been a rise in online instruction and activities to ensure the utmost safety of our students and faculty. With a combined delivery of online and on-campus learning, you’ll have the opportunity to study remotely – with more flexibility in mind – and chat with instructors in real-time through online forums.  

Abundance of Opportunity in Online Careers

With the majority of people working and studying from home, choosing a career path that will allow you to work from home is key during these uncertain times. With many of our program options, such as Graphic Design or Game Development & Design, you will have the opportunity and flexibility to find positions that allow you to work remotely. These remote and/or flexible positions will ensure more job stability for the years to come.

Perfect Time to Start

Due to the uncertain times, now is the most ideal time to go back to school and figure out what you want to do. Pat yourself on the back for recognizing that now was the right time to invest in yourself and your future. Whether you’re returning to school, or just starting out, it’s always a great time to learn new skills in art and design. Plus, once you graduate, it is very likely the job market and economy will be booming once again.

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