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Boozy Bucha

Boozy Bucha is an alcoholic kombucha company. Their branding is minimal and clean to appeal to their target audience; trendy young adults who enjoy social drinks. Boozy Bucha is branded with a series of wavy lines which represent the scooby (fermented yeast and bacteria used to make kombucha). The typography is a tall san serif, keeping the minimal trendy visual. While each can has similar design to maintain consistency and develop brand identity, each flavour has its own colour making it distinctive and unique. These beverages would be found at your local liquor store.


FERNWEH is a lifestyle brand focused on adventure, style, and creativity. The primary focus on the company is a quarterly publication based on a specific region such as BC’s West Coast, or Big Sur. Each publication features work from unique and creative individuals in the explored region. Fernweh also sells a variety of goods, such as blankets, tote bags, necklaces, prints, etc, created by individuals met along the way.

Wholesome Meats

Wholesome meats is more than just a butchery, it’s a free range, hormone free, organic, local butchery. Their branding includes organic hand drawn illustrations of their products, overlaid on recycled organic paper to represent their values through visual elements. The font is a geometric slab serif creating a vintage, hometown feel. Adults interested in a healthy organic diet would be interested in this company. Their meat would be purchased at the Wholesome Meats Storefront in Kitsilano, Vancouver.