VCAD Attends the

Vancouver Fan Expo

Published: Wednesday, 01 March 2023

Published: Wednesday, 01 March 2023

Fan expos and comiccons are truly amazing events.

They’ve become a place for industry to show off upcoming movies, games, comics, and toys, while engaging with the fans who love them. More than that though they are a place to see how diverse and supportive the community is to each other. Out of all the events we attend in a year the fan expos have to be our favourite.


This year is no different. Our VCAD team was on-hand at the Vancouver Fan Expo at the Convention Centre on February 18th through the 20th.


These types of events encompass nearly all of VCADs programs, and they’re the perfect way for us to engage with our students, and fans in general. Our reps had a blast this year and were stoked to see so many amazing costumes, we wanted to show off just a little bit of what we were able to see.


We’re already looking forward to the event next year.

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