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Fashion Design
Want to work in VFX, CGI, or special effects? Look no further. VCAD is now offering a Visual Effects Art and Design program to those who wish to pursue a career in the field!

    job opportunities include:

    • Computer Animation Studios
    • Game Development Companies
    • Post-Production Studios
    • Special Effects Studios
    • Industrial Design Firms
    • Software Producers

This program focuses on providing graduates with a solid foundation in the technical and artistic skills needed to be successful in the visual effects, animation, and CGI industries. Key to this is a genuine understanding of storytelling, animation, modeling, compositing, and a solid foundation in artistic techniques. Students will learn colour theory, design fundamentals, life drawing, and industry standard software, and will apply this knowledge to the production and animation of 3D characters with appropriate lighting and texturing and visual effects. Graduates will be able to apply industry standard software tools and techniques to visual effects production processes.

This program prepares graduates for careers in a variety of CGI-based industries. Graduates will find employment in computer animation studios, game development companies, and post-production and special effects studios. Graduates may also work for industrial design firms and software producers, or for companies that require the production of 3D graphics and animation.

Upon successful completion of the program graduates will be able to:
  • Work with major trends in visual, digital, and special effects arts
  • Apply critical thinking and creative expression techniques
  • Analyze and critique a production
  • Produce a concept sketch
  • Shape a model
  • Stage a scene
  • Develop a storyboard
  • Produce computer-generated images
  • Produce highly realistic 3D models of props
  • Prepare highly realistic 3D models of characters
  • Represent movements in three dimensions
  • Animate characters
  • Create highly realistic digital visual special effects
  • Apply digital visual special effects in a variety of character and environmental contexts
  • Present a professional portfolio

Admissions Requirements

  • Grade 12 or mature student status (19 years or older).
  • Pass the college's admission test where an applicant's first language is other than English, and has not completed secondary (or higher) education in English


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