Interview with VCAD Fashion Design Student Triptych


04, 2020
Interview with VCAD Fashion Design Student Triptych

What made you decide to pursue a career in Fashion Design?

I had never used a sewing machine before I started in this program, but I wanted to do something that was hands-on and creative. Originally, I was going to apply for the Graphic Design program, but the Fashion Design program seemed like the better fit.


Why did you choose VCAD?

I heard VCAD has a great success rate of students receiving employment after graduation. Now that I’m here, I like that VCAD offers a challenging and busy environment. It keeps me motivated and provides the opportunity to learn with other likeminded individuals.


Can you tell us about what inspires your designs?

I’m inspired by avant-garde style. To me, fashion is an art form, and I want to create wearable creations using leather as a prominent material. I also really like the use of architecture and incorporating those elements into my designs.


What were you doing before VCAD?

I was working as an oil painter. Creating my own paintings, and selling them privately and through art shows, I was able to source some of my income. I also taught art to kids, in my hometown on Mayne Island.


What are your future goals?

My dream is to show at Vancouver Fashion Week. In one year, I hope I can achieve that. My 10-year plan is to have a runway show of my own and establish a brand that people recognize. In the meantime, I may also want to pursue fashion illustration, as there seems to be a high demand in that line of work.