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VCAD Success Stories

Art and Design Diploma Programs Available at VCAD

Vancouver Art College Programs at Visual College of Art and Design

Follow Your Passion at VCAD

If you're looking for a creative career that allows you to use your imagination and talents, we want to help you get there.

When you enroll in a program at VCAD, you follow an exciting, focused curriculum that combines theoretical learning and hands-on training to build the skills you need to launch your dream career.

We know that employers want knowledgeable people with the most up-to-date skills. This is why we take a hands-on approach to skill and knowledge development so you not only learn about the job, you actually do it through a series of intense, deadline-driven projects.

By the end of your studies, you will have built a professional portfolio that not only displays your creativity, but shows employers you possess the skill, talent and vision that they're looking for.