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Web Design Must Evolve with Technology


It's time to diversify your web design skills.

Vancouver, BC - June 15, 2010 - A few weeks ago, the much-anticipated Apple iPad launched in the United States, and thousands of people lined up at electronics stores across the nation to be among the first to purchase this newest gadget. Notably, one Pennsylvania teen lined up with his fellow techno geeks in order to buy -- and smash -- the iPad.

When a piece of technology becomes so popular that people want to be the first to smash it, you know it's a game changer.  iPad will change the way we browse the web and is just one example of how a device can change the world and the web all at the same time.

A recent study sited by influential technology blog,, indicates that by 2015, mobile web will surpass home computer browsing; a sign that web designers must develop their skills across a variety of technical platforms. This shift in web use will necessitate a shift in web design.

Learn the latest industry trends and current web design skills by taking one of the Graphic Design and Web Design programs at VCAD. You'll be ahead of the curve and a leader in the industry.

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